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About n-Track Tuner Pro

Tune your guitar, bass, ukulele or other instrument with n-Track Tuner Pro.

Just put your device next to your instrument and play each string.
The tuner will automatically recognize the note you're playing and tell you wether you need to lower or increase the string's pitch.

•||| FEATURES |||•

The spectrum analyzer provides a visual feedback of the notes played by the instrument and shows a small arrow to highlight the harmonic whose pitch the tuner is tracking.

For those who prefer to manually tune their instrument the 'Diapason' view lets you play a reference tone, 'A' (440 hz) or any other note that you can select dragging the frequency slider.

Tap to adjust the spectrum analyzer visualization options, select thicker spectrum lines, smooth out or highlights peaks, increase or decrease tuning sensitivity and precision (up to 0.1 cents)

You can calibrate the tuner for non-standard tunings: tune the reference note, tap on the display and select 'Calibrate' to set the note as the new reference. You can also select non-standard musical temperaments, alternate note namings and much more

Select the Sonogram tab to view how the frequency spectrum changes with time, and follow the tuned note as it travels through the spectrum as a green line

n-Track Tuner works great for:
-wind instruments

If you have problems with the app or suggestions for enhancements or new features please contact us at

O melhor app pra afinar, e desenhar senso de afinação no estudo. Vale muito a pena pagar a versão Pro, com a última atualização inclusive, o app ficou lindo. Parabéns aos desenvolvedores!
Gabriel Bernardo
Great app. I use it to tune my piano and guitar for three years.
Алексей Субочев
I tried a lots of apps but this one is very accurate and makes my classic guitar sounds perfect
A Google user