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A HERO AND A GARDEN [jam ver.] Screenshot 0
A HERO AND A GARDEN [jam ver.] Screenshot 1
A HERO AND A GARDEN [jam ver.] Screenshot 2
A HERO AND A GARDEN [jam ver.] Screenshot 3

About A HERO AND A GARDEN [jam ver.]

this is the jam version of A HERO AND A GARDEN created for nanoreno. an updated version with hd graphics & an in-game music gallery is available now on consoles.


once upon a time, there was a princess in a tower.
a brave hero went to save her... but that didn't work out.
he's pretty good at gardening though!


A HERO AND A GARDEN is a visual novel & clicker game. play as an intrepid hero and help him garden, since saving the princess didn't go that well.

play time is 1~2 hours. there is one ending with character variants.

harvest berries, fulfil requests, & repair the town (that you destroyed)!

Very cute! Definitely not the typical hero story. It focuses on personal growth and mending fences. I have mixed feelings about some of it, but I think that is the point. The deadnaming was sometimes hard to...
Kai Ten
I loved the unexpected turn! I was really shocked but nevertheless i very much enjoyed this game! Its so cute
— Yuki _ Ichika —
this game tells a good story, cute artstyle and lgbtq+ representation what more could you want
This was literally the cutest game i have ever played. The controls were simple. The story was sweet and the characters were adorable. It's a short game but the funniest part was when Era was trying to shake...
Brittany Kendall
It was cute and wholesome.
this has no business making me cry this much
Syahda Kamila