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About NewPipe Video Streaming

NewPipe is one of the best alternative Tube applications on mobile today. and the most popular video and live streaming platforms, including music, news, gaming and much more.

Endless music:
- Download Music
- Mark your favourite videos
- Create your own playlists
- Import your data on other devices to save time
- Play Music
- Import playlists

Customize your download experience:

Listen to your favourite music while using other apps:
- Play in background
- Define the title
- Opt for downloading the video, audio, or captions
- Determine the ideal file format.
- Create playlists for an endless music experience
- Save mobile data volume (we only download the audio)

Never miss updates again:
- Subscribe to a channel with one click
- Watch your favourite channels
- Easily import and export your local subscriptions from other devices
- Use your custom feed

We protect your privacy
- No proprietary Google APIs
- We store everything offline on your device
- Download the resolution you need
- Only send information which are required to get video and channel - details
- Decide what information we keep

Never stop playing!
- View videos whenever you like
- Resize and move it wherever you like
- Use the full comfort of our normal video player
- Pro tip: switch between all players with one click
- Available for all Android versions

YouTube v3 API key use in NewPipe- Premium video Streams. This app does not allow any kind of content to be downloaded.
1. NewPipe- Premium video Streams is a third party tube API. The contents of the videos are from the API Services. NewPipe- Premium video Streams complies with the API.
2. According to YouTube's Terms of Use, we are not allowed to display videos from YouTube with screen locked.

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High quality ads. Better ads than youtube
Hari Krishnan S
Very nice app
Arunkumar Vadlamudi