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About NovelBee

Massive and most popular novels can be read at any time and anywhere, and the content of super good novels covers the whole network of super popular novels, all of which are good-looking; super complete classification: original film and television works, hot new books, new works of the great God, romance novels, President's noble family, crossing the sky, urban marriage, fantasy woman, palace fight rebirth, farming and house fight, suspense and terror, etc., all kinds of novels are available, and it is necessary to pursue books;


1. Night mode, page turning effect, reading background, size, etc., with personalized functions and comfortable reading experience;

2. The author can update quickly, and the user can read the latest chapters at the first time;

3. Private private cloud bookshelf, automatically save reading records, real-time update reminders, more convenient book tracking;

4. Multi dimensional ranking list, tell you the current popular novels;

It has really good stories
Naomi Waters
Terry Kane
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Brad Pitt
Getting frustrated
Sheri Eberhard
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Debra Rutherford