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About AmALfi - Amazon™ Affiliate Links Creator

🦸 Like Site Stripe, But Better

AmALfi essentially does what the Site Stripe does in Amazon™ Associates Central BUT directly on your phone or tablet - meaning you can create and share links directly on your phone, while out and about!

In just a couple of clicks you can generate affiliate links without even logging into your Amazon™ account - so it works seemlessly with all Amazon™ Associates Scheme regions.

❓😕 If you have questions or are struggling to work out how to use the app, please email us at [email protected]. That way we can help you and we can improve the app.
If you simply write a negative review because you have misunderstood something (and then ignore our response!) that helps no one.

🔒 Secure - No Login Needed

All AmALfi needs to create links is your Amazon Associate tracking ID (and an Amazon product or page to promote). If you are having trouble finding your Associate tracking ID (clue: it is NOT your email address!) we have even created a little tool to help you find it - see

🔎 Easily Find Products & Pages To Promote

AmALfi has a built-in Amazon™ browser with an 'Instant Affiliate Link' button to make product finding and link creation as quick and easy as possible.

It also works directly from the official Amazon app or from Amazon™'s websites in your browser - simply share a regular link with AmALfi from the app or browser and AmALfi creates the affiliate link automatically.

🗜 Official Short Links & More

AmALfi even generates official short links, product image URLs in three different sizes, and HTML for Image and Text iFrames (iFrame HTML is a Pro only feature).

🌍 Supports All Regions

AmALfi supports ALL current Amazon™ Associates scheme regions and if you operate in multiple regions it can automatically select the corresponding associates tracking i.d. for the region you are promoting.

💼 AmALfi Pro

An AmALfi Pro upgrade brings even more features for heavy users:
  • Use your own Bitly account to avoid AmALfi's short links allowance and to access your own short link analytics.
  • Create new affiliate links from other short links
  • Automatically create short links.
  • Create combined Image & Text (iFrame) links.
IMPORTANT NOTE: An AmALfi Pro upgrade alone will not get you more short links allowance. You must also create your own Bitly account (a free Bitly account will work) and configure AmALfi to use that - see for how to do this.

🚀 It couldn't be quicker or easier!

AmALfi is the must have link generator for Amazon™ Associates saving you time and taps when you want to promote and earn from Amazon™.

Our aim is simple - for AmALfi to be the best, easiest to use, most flexible Amazon™ affiliate link creator available.

Your links can be shared directly from the app with your social network of choice or via any other method you choose.

Find out more at

AmALfi is an independent app and is not associated with Amazon™ in any way. You must use AmALfi in accordance with the Amazon™ Associates Scheme, or local equivalent, rules at all times.

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