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About Pocket Run Pool

The return of arcade pool from the creator of Really Bad Chess and Flipflop Solitaire.

Pocket-Run Pool combines 8-ball pool with the thrill of a chasing the perfect highscore.

In Pocket-Run, your goal is to sink all the balls, but where and when you sink them is what matters most!

With each pocketed ball, you're awarded points based on the pocket you sunk. So sink carefully, but watch out, with each miss or scratch you lose a life β€” run out before you finish the table and it's game over.

Compete against yourself, the world, or the bank in a variety of thrilling game modes!

Can you make the perfect pocket-run?

Arcade pool is back!

------WHATS IN THE β€œBOX”?

- 🎱 Play Pocket-Run Pool's Standard, High Stakes, and Insta-Tournament modes for free!

- πŸ† Asynchronously Go for gold against players from around the world in Insta-Tournament mode

- πŸ”₯ Manage your risk against all manner of game conditions (like the devious Cuewall) in High Stakes mode

- πŸ‘ Unlock Break of The Week, alternate backgrounds, and remove Insta-Tournament buy-ins with a single In-App-Purchase

- πŸ“Š Track stats for all four modes

- πŸ’™ Win alternate pool cues and color schemes in High Stakes mode


I've always loved pool, and when I got my first smartphone years ago, the world of digital pool games opened up to me.

There are certainly a lot of options out there, but finding a simple and enjoyable single-player pool game was harder than I expected. I found one that I enjoyed, but after playing it extensively I found it too easy to beat the computer every time. Suddenly the problem with pool hit me β€” when you play against a computer in a physics simulation, you're literally playing against a god... By which I mean, either the computer is going easy on you (for a reason), or it's playing a perfect game and taking all your money.

It dawned on me that if I wanted a good single player pool game, I'd have to make a new kind of pool β€” a variant that doesn't need a computer opponent, that's built around the notion of scoring and improving, of taking risks, and of presenting unique and interesting challenges.

Pocket-Run Pool is the game I came up with, I hope you enjoy it!


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Zach Gage game! What else needs to be said? He makes awesome indie games. Thanks Zach Gage and others that made this game. Hope to see good sudoku come to android.
Brandon Day
i like the sound and unique graphics.
Kristian Markow
Fun game to play in your free time
Simple but with just a fresh little twist
Patrick Schwartz
Really like the controls I would love to have spin options (the cueing motion is really enjoyable)
Bertie Warr
A very good and fun game. There is only one problem, spin ... If spin comes to the game (Left English, Right English etc.) would be the best pool game. I'm calling out to the makers here. Definitely bring a ...