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About SureMDM Mobile Device Management - 42Gears MDM

SureMDM is a leading Mobile Device Management solution used by over ten thousand companies worldwide to manage their fleet of Android devices, plus devices running other platforms like Windows, iOS, and Linux. Remotely deploy mobile apps and content, secure, track, and troubleshoot devices - all from a central web console.

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- Install this application to integrate this device into your SureMDM account.

Enrollment Methods
- Google Zero-touch Enrollment (ZTE)
- Android Enterprise Enrollment using QR Code, NFC or Hashcode (AFW#SureMDM)
- Samsung KME (Knox Mobile Enrollment)
- 42Gears One Touch Enrollment
- Proprietary Non-GMS Enrollment (QR-code based)

Mobile Device Management
- Remotely manage and secure your device fleet
- Set up devices with approved apps and settings and provision with Wi-Fi, e-mail or VPN
- Create role-based user permissions and restrictions
- Configure and apply OEMConfig policies
- Troubleshoot devices remotely with Remote Control
- Use AI chatbot to operate SureMDM via voice or keyboard
- Track devices on a map in real-time
- Create and auto-apply policies based on location (geofencing), time (time-fencing), and network (network fencing)
- Set up battery and connectivity alert notifications
- Track and restrict per-device data usage - Remotely lock, reboot or wipe devices
- Set up and apply password policies
- Remotely play a loud sound
- Detect rooted or jailbroken devices
- Historical data tracking
- Remotely execute custom script commands

Centralized Management Console
- Manage all devices from a single web console
- Group or tag devices for easy classification and filtering
- Two-way communication between console and any device
- Data visualization
- Advanced analytics
- Custom reports on-demand or scheduled
- Intuitive dashboard interface
- Custom columns
- Extend functionality with plugins

Mobile Application Management
- Deploy, manage, and secure apps on devices
- Remotely push apps and app updates
- Deploy Managed Google Play apps
- Deploy Office 365 apps and e-mail
- Configure or apply AppConfig policies
- Silently install and update apps
- Grant app permissions
- Push over-the-air firmware updates
- Create an Enterprise App Store
- View and manage apps and app versions

Mobile Content Management
- Securely deliver data and keep it safe on devices
- Push content to devices remotely
- Set up a File Store for on-demand file downloads
- Secure business data on personal devices using containerization
- Wipe or delete data from non-compliant devices

Mobile Identity Management
- Integrate with your in-house Identity Provider to enable hassle-free and secure authentication of mobile devices
- Integrate with 3rd-party Single Sign-On providers- Manage a list of installed certificates and push identity certificates to each device
- Self-service portal for employees to monitor, locate, lock, or wipe their devices
- Enroll device using Active Directory authentication
- Transfer system and device activity logs into Splunk

Things Management
- Remotely manage peripherals and IoT devices (“Things”)
- Quickly auto-enroll “Things” into SureMDM, and then monitor and manage them remotely
- Remotely modify “Things” configuration
- Update firmware on “Things”

Developer Support
- Integrate SureMDM functionality into your own applications and more
- Plugin development framework
- Things Connector framework

Kiosk Lockdown
- Secure Android kiosks and prevent tampering
- Allow access to only one or several approved apps
- Enable single-application Kiosk Mode
- Built-in integration with SureLock

Secure Web Browser
- Enable secure browsing on kiosks and company devices
- Restrict website access to only pre-approved websites
- Integration with SureFox

Register for a 30-Day Free Trial:

Questions? Please email [email protected]

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I had an excellent experience with this app and with the 42gears team, they do not push the customers to purchase until we are comfortable with licences.
Deepa Madiraju
Been using this for about 2 or 3 years now, customer service is great. They help you set it up if needed and answer any questions you have. They are always looking to improve their application and take our f...
David Ramirez
Sis India