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About NinjaRMM

Introducing the powerful NinjaRMM interface for your Android phone! Perform common IT tasks while on the go, in the field or in a pinch, all while harnessing the speed, power, and performance of the NinjaRMM platform.

Update on 11/16, reset trigger works after previous update, great job! I have been running mainly off this mobile app for the last few weeks and am very satisfied with this app, love the disk i/o on the fly ...
Leon Yang
Glad to see such a strong first showing from Ninja on the app. Coming from AutoTask whose PSA app is a glorified mobile webpage and whose RMM app was non-existent. Seeing this polished of an app so early fro...
Christopher Sass
I have been using the NinjaRMM for several months now. I have not been disappointed whatsoever in the product as it is very reliable. As an MSP, we are always busy multitasking and it’s so nice to have an RM...
Rudy Mendivil