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About Athan: Qibla Compass, Quran

Full streaming and offline Quran Sharif with Prayer Times & Qibla Compass to indicate Kaaba direction located in Mecca precisely. Don't miss any prayer or salat or salah on time and get this free tool of Islamic or Muslim Prayer Times.

Improve your daily living by accurate prayer times and Athan.

1. Quran Sharif
* Stream and download high quality Quran audio
* Multiple reciters with different translations
* Download multiple surahs at once
* Control the player and downloader from notification
* Search the surahs by name and get suggestions as well

2. Prayer Times
* Know the prayers timings
* Use Salat Timing facet for the accurate Salat occasions of all five daily prayers
* Set alarms for prayer times and get notified at the right time.
* Share the Salat schedule for the day with your friends and family.
* Customize Namaz timing according to Hanafi Fiqh or Standard method.
* Choose Adaan as the notification or select any custom notification as you wish.
* Pull to refresh your location.
* Get prayer schedule for whole month and share it with your friends and family too.

3. Qibla Direction Finder
* Find Qibla anytime. Integrated the most accurate and trusted Qibla Compass Minimal.
* Calculates Exact kaaba Direction
* Get compass calibration help.
* Get notified when compass accuracy is low.

4. Settings
* Customize the app behavior.
* Correction for Hijri Dates.
* Correction for Salat Timings.
* Select Salat Time Calculation Methods and Juristic Methods.
* Customize Notification

For the most accurate direction, device should be kept flat and at a proper distance from electronic devices.

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