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About Heat Synthesizer Demo

Virtual analogue subtractive synthesizer for Android with a unique feature set:

● Highly optimized realtime sound generation engine with a lot of features even on mobile devices, 3 Oscillators, 2 Filters, 4 Envelopes, FX section and much more

● Collaborative Preset Manager: Browse through thousands of sounds that other users have created, save your sounds on your local Android device or online, making them available for the community.

● Full VST integration, use your Android device as controller while Heat Synthesizer is running as VST compatible plugin (Windows x86/x64)

● Control the VST plugin from your Android device in realtime

● See parameter automations from your sequencer in realtime on your Android device

● Use the integrated keyboard of your Android Device to send midi events to your sequencer

The Demo version does not support to save sounds.

This software is BETA. If you have problems, please contact me.

This application is awesome
Steven Hobbs
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Bob Garcia
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