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About Latest Rangoli videos for all festivals

Rangoli, Kolam or Muggulu are drawn outside every home in India. This app help to draw kolam for all festivals. It has various categories to choose from and learn the art of drawing rangoli.
We have curated some of the best rangoli for all festival seasons in India which include but not limited to Diwali, Pongal, Christmas, Holi, Maha Shivratri to name a few.

- Curated videos for drawing rangoli
- Videos with explanation to draw muggulu, kolam and rangoli
- Rangoli with dots and without dots
- Flower, Peacock, Pongal pot kolam videos
- Diwali kolam with lights
- Holi & Onam rangoli with flowers

The app contains videos in one of these categories,
- Pulli Kolam | Dotted Kolam
- New Year Kolam
- Pongal Kolam | Sankranthi Muggulu
- Color Kolam with dots
- Diwali Rangoli | Deepavali Kolam
- Margazhi Kolam
- Flower Design Kolam
- Freehand Rangoli | Kolam without dots
- Freehand Color Rangoli
- Birds Kolam
- Kolam with Flowers
- Onam Rangoli
- Fish Kolam
- Holi Rangoli
- Christmas Rangoli
- Sangu Kolam
- Maha Shivaratri Kolam
- Vinayagar Chaturthi Kolam
- Butterfly Rangoli
- karthigai Deepam Kolam
- Rose Kolam
- Lotus Kolam
- Peacock Kolam
- Onam Rangoli
- Sankranthi muggulu
- Other Festival Kolam

There are different varieties of kolam, some of them are,

- pulli kolam | 9 dots sikku kolam
- Sankranthi Muggulu | 9 to 5 Interlaced Dots
- Rangoli designs with 5 x 3 dots
- muggulu designs with 11x6 interlaced dots
- melikala muggulu with 7 dots
- Pulli Vacha Kolam | Sikku Kolam
- Flower Rangoli Design with 15x8 Dots
- muggulu for new year
- new year rangoli designs
- New year rangoli without dots
- rangoli designs - freehand rangoli
- 10 dots - bhogi kundalu designs
- pongal pot kolam with 15 dots
- Pongal pot rangoli design with 12 dots
- kundalu muggulu with 13 dots
- Pongal Bhogi Pot With Colours
- pongal kolam sankranti rangoli
- Bhogi Kundala Muggu With Dots
- kolam / star kolam with colours
- colorful muggulu designs with 7x4 dots
- Design With Colours Dots 11x6
- rangoli designs with 7x4 dots
- peacock rangoli designs with 5x3 dots
- Color Kolam with dots
- Rangoli Designs with 13 to 1 straight dots
- Deepavali Rangoli Design for competitions 9x5
- Diwali Rangoli Designs with Colours and dots 9x5
- Margazhi kolam | 15 dot rangoli
- Margzhali Special Poo kolam
- Rose flower kolam designs with 7x4 dots
- Beautiful Rainbow Rangoli Designs With Colours
- Birds kolam designs with 5x3 dots
- beautiful peacock kolam designs with 7x4 dots
- 7x4 dots flower kolam designs with colors
- Beautiful rangoli design with 7X4 middle dots
- Onam Pookalam
- Small Fish Kolam Designs With 11-1 Dots
- Dot kolam 9 to 9 straight with fish
- Colorful Holi Special Rangoli
- Christmas Special Kolam | 13×7 interlaced dots
- Sangu kolam with dots/poo kolam with 7 to 1 dot
- Special Shiva Ratri Muggulu
- 17to17 dots rangoli for mahashivratri
- Ganesha Chaturthi Festival Rangoli Design with colours and dots of 4x2
- simple flower rangoli with dots 12-2-2
- Beautiful Butterfly rangoli kolam | 13*7 dots
- karthigai deepam kolam | 11*6 dots
- 11 dots to 6 dots simple rose colour kolam
- Lotus flower kolam designs with 9 dots
- Peacock kolam 15*8 interlaced dots
- Navratri golu decoration | kolam for steps
- kolam for Sri Rama Navami

DISCLAIMER: The content provided in this app is hosted by YouTube and is available in public domain by youtube api. We do not upload or add videos to YouTube or in this app. This app is just an organized way to browse and view these YouTube Videos. We do not claim the videos, audios or other contents. The graphics and other content are the property of respective copyright holders.
Remember that this is an unofficial app and not affiliated with the video publisher, and is simply an easy interface to access publicly available videos.

Please contact us for any suggestions, feedback or issues.

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