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About PocketGrib Lite

With PocketGrib Lite GRIB file viewer you can easily download, view and analyse global weather data.

Wind, preciptation, pressure, temperature and wave data extracted from GRIB files are displayed through our simple interface.

The Lite version is limited to downloading and viewing 48 hours of forecast data using the GFS weather model to 1° resolution and 6 hour time step. Upgrade to the full version to get up to 8 days of forecast across the full range of weather models with the highest resolution.

This GRIB viewer is perfect for sailors (both sailing and in the pub), windsurfers, storm chasers, outdoor enthusiasts, amateur and professional meteorologists.

- Choose your map location and have weather information overlaid
- Mapped weather can be animated
- Weather can be viewed as a meteogram (graph) or raw data
- Configurable download to minimise file sizes (great for roaming)
- GRIB files can be downloaded to your PC
- Displays online or offline

PocketGrib downloads and displays the following weather types:
- Wind speed and direction (10 m above mean sea level)
- Precipitation (rain, snow etc)
- Pressure
- Air temperature
- Waves (including Mediterranean and Black Sea)
- Cloud cover
- Relative humidity
- CAPE (Convective Atmospheric Potential Energy)
- Current (Atlantic only)
Direct download of GRIB data from NOAA's GFS (Global Forecast System) model
- Forecasts up to 2 days (full version to 8 days)
- Data steps: 3hr (full version), 6hr, 12hr
- Worldwide Coverage
- Resolution: 0.25° (full version), 0.5° (full version), 1°, 2°
- Data updated 4 times a day (every 6 hours)
The full version also support for COAMPS, WW3, NOGAPS, RTOFS (Currents) and FNMOC WW3 (Mediterranean wave) models.

By downloading only what the user needs it it possible to keep the GRIB files small which makes it especially convenient for low bandwidth regions or when roaming internationally.

GRIB forecasts are published without human intervention or review. Therefore some knowledge and awareness is required by the end user. Most GRIB models do NOT accurately forecast hurricanes and tropical cyclones so their use should be combined with specific hurricane and tropical cyclone forecasts.

Similar Apps - visible in preview.

global storms pro

global storms pro


global storms pro presents the latest weather and imagery from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

NOAA Marine Weather Forecast

NOAA Marine Weather Forecast


* Real-time marine weather buoy data
* 7-day hourly NOAA WAVEWATCH III Global Wave Model Forecast coupled to the Global Forecast System (GFSv16) provides more accurate marine data than the previous generation model!
* 6-hour historical Wave height and Energy trend reports
* 7-day hourly harmonic tide forecast
* 48-hour tidal current forecast
* 5-day National Weather Service marine weather forecast for point locations and weather zones and offshore zones
* Detailed NWS Forecast Discussion Reports
* Sunrise and Sunset times
* NOAA Severe Weather Reports
* NOAA HF Radar System for visualizing currents around many coastal US cities
* NEXRAD radar imagery and precipitation predictions
* GOES visibile, water vapor and infrared satellite imagery for the USA
* NOAA Electronic Nautical Charts (ENC)
* Many additional map layers providing hazard areas, wave heights, temperatures, wind speeds and many others!

Real-time Data Includes:
- Primary and secondary swell height, period, direction
- Spectral wave energy density (wave energy vs period)
- Significant wave height
- Wind speed, gust and direction
- Air temperature
- Water temperature
- Pressure
- Sunrise/Sunset times
- Current NWS Alerts

*Built-in Imagery viewer, including
- Satellite Imagery from the GOES-West and GOES-East Satellites
- WAVEWATCHIII Forecast Model Plots
- Nearshore Wave Prediction Plots
- ESTOFS Storm Surge & Tidal Flow Plots
- Many more to come soon!!

6-hour Historical Trend Data Includes:
- Primary and secondary wave height, period, direction
- Wave energy, period, direction

7-day NOAA WAVEWATCH III Global Wave Model Forecast Includes:
- Hourly swell component predictions (1-6 swells)
- Accurate wave height, period, direction predictions

7-day Hourly Harmonic Tide Forecast Includes:
- Interactive tide graphs
- Hourly tide predictions
- Current tide

48-hour Tidal Current Forecast Includes:
- Interactive graph to represent speed of the tide, in knots
- Hourly tidal current predictions
- Current tidal flow

5-day NWS Marine Forecast Includes:
- Text summary forecast
- Weather, sky, wind, waves
- Click any point on the map

Sunrise/Sunset Times Includes:
- Astronomical Twilight
- Nautical Twilight
- Civil Twilight
- Sunrise/Sunset
- Solar Noon

Real-time Radar and Satellite Imagery:
- HF Radar Real-time current flow velocity vectors
- HF Radar 12-hour averaged current flow velocity vector
- NEXRAD Composite Base Reflectivity
- NEXRAD Base Reflectivity
- NEXRAD Echo Tops EET
- HRRR Reflectivity Forecasts
- GOES North America, Hawaii and Alaska Visible
- GOES North America, Hawaii and Alaska Infrared
- GOES North America, Hawaii and Alaska Water Vapor
- Hybrid-Scan Reflectivity Composite
- 1-Hour Precipitation Forecast
- 24-Hour Precipitation Forecast
- 48-Hour Precipitation Forecast
- 72-Hour Precipitation Forecast

GIS Mapping System using real-time data from NOAA, including:
- NOAA Marine Zones
- NOAA HD Radar
- NEXRAD 4-bit Base Reflectivity
- NEXRAD 8-bit Base Reflectivity
- NEXRAD Echo Tops EET
- HRRR Reflectivity Forecasts
- MRMS Hybrid-Scan Reflectivity
- Long-Duration Hazards
- Short-Duration Watches & Warnings
- Significant Wave Height
- HF Radar Vectors (Surface Currents)
- Total Water Level (Tides + Surge)
- Tidal Water Level
- Water Level Surge
- Tropical Cyclone Track Forecasts
- Tropical Cyclone Best Track Analysis
- Wind Speed & Direction
- Wind Gust & Direction
- Severe Thunderstorm Outlook
- 15 minute Lightning Strike Density
- Surface Visibility
- Sea Surface Water Currents (w/ Speed)
- Total Cloud Cover (%)
- Air Temperature
- Sea Surface Temperature
- Relative Humidity
- Dew Point Temperature
- 12-hour rain probability
- 1/3/6/12/24/48/72 Hour Precipitation Accumulation
- GOES Northern Hemisphere Satellite Imagery
- National Grid
- Electronic Nautical Charts (ENC)

Please remember that this app can only show data the buoy collects.

My Hurricane Tracker Pro

My Hurricane Tracker Pro


My Hurricane Tracker Pro gives you the most comprehensive tools for tracking tornadoes, cyclones, tropical storms and weather warnings available.

Radar Alive Pro Weather Radar

Radar Alive Pro Weather Radar


Radar Alive! was written by a veteran storm chaser for the serious meteorological user.

A major new version has just been released (6.0.0.x).

WHIO Weather

WHIO Weather


Check out weather conditions in your neighborhood, LIVE.

Clear Outside

Clear Outside


Reliable weather forecasts for astronomers with an emphasis on cloud cover.

Features include:

• Seven day hourly forecasts, updated hourly.
• Low, medium, high and total cloud cover.
• Moon rise/set times and phase.
• Sun rise/set and transit.
• Civil/nautical/astronomical darkness.
• International Space Station (ISS) pass-over information.
• Location search automatically provides a forecast for your location.
• Save favourite locations for easy access.
• Covers daytime too so also useful for solar observers/imagers.

Updated hourly.

I am a sailor this app very use full Thanks
Rasitha Nimantha
Best weather app for offshore sailing. Keeps the data for use when offline and tracks the vessel in real time with the downloaded weather.
Martyn Mj
Love this app, usually pretty accurate easy to use
Dirk Diggler