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About PocketGrib

With PocketGrib GRIB file viewer you can easily download, view and analyse global weather data.

Wind, preciptation, pressure, temperature and wave data extracted from GRIB files are displayed through our simple interface.

This GRIB viewer is perfect for sailors (both sailing and in the pub), windsurfers, storm chasers, outdoor enthusiasts, amateur and professional meteorologists.

- Choose your map location and have weather information overlaid
- Mapped weather can be animated
- Weather can be viewed as a meteogram (graph) or raw data
- Configurable download to minimise file sizes (great for roaming)
- GRIB files can be downloaded to your PC
- Displays online or offline

PocketGrib downloads and displays the following weather types:
- Wind speed and direction (10 m above mean sea level)
- Precipitation (rain, snow etc)
- Pressure
- Air temperature
- Waves (including Mediterranean and Black Sea)
- Cloud cover
- Relative humidity
- CAPE (Convective Atmospheric Potential Energy)
- Current (Atlantic only)
Direct download of GRIB data from NOAA's GFS (Global Forecast System) model
- Forecasts up to 8 days
- Data steps: 3hr, 6hr, 12hr
- Worldwide Coverage
- Resolution: 0.25°, 0.5°, 1°, 2°
- Data updated 4 times a day (every 6 hours)
Also support for COAMPS, WW3, NOGAPS, RTOFS (Currents) and FNMOC WW3 (Mediterranean wave) models.

By downloading only what the user needs it it possible to keep the GRIB files small which makes it especially convenient for low bandwidth regions or when roaming internationally.

GRIB forecasts are published without human intervention or review. Therefore some knowledge and awareness is required by the end user. Most GRIB models do NOT accurately forecast hurricanes and tropical cyclones so their use should be combined with specific hurricane and tropical cyclone forecasts.

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Great, simple app that does what it says.
Richard Hudson
If all you want is wind this app is fast to download and pretty accurate compared with on board anemometer.
Bill Ritchie
Love it
Jeff Jeff