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About nftindya - Mint & Sell NFTs

NFTindya App is India’s largest NFT Marketplace to help you mint NFTs, buy NFTs from celebrities and sell your NFTs online.

NFTindya is a NFT Marketplace to help Brands and Celebrities launch their NFT Collections, using 3Cs - Content, Collaboration and Community!

At NFTindya, our focus is to build an exciting Community of Artists, Influencers and Brands. NFTindya is India's largest NFT marketplace built using world class, scalable and decentralised NFT technology.

Our NFT platform is focused on building world class content around Experiences, Travel, Food, Art, Paintings and Movies. NFTindya focuses on the 3Cs of Content, Collaboration and Community to deliver the true power and potential of NFTs.


Mint NFT - Mint NFTs with ease without any crypto complexity using INR currency
Buy NFTs - Buy NFTs that you like with one-click action using simple INR payment gateway
Sell NFTs - Create your portfolio online with your photographs, paintings and artwork and share with the world, while earning money
Create Portfolio - Create NFT portfolio with ease and share with your fans and customers
NFT Wallet - Store your minted and purchased NFTs in your NFT Wallet
Cash Wallet - Store your INR currency in your own Cash wallet and request withdraw anytime
My Profile - Create an attractive profile for your fans and audience to know more about you.

For Luxury Brands this is a unique opportunity to get closer to their customers. We help luxury brands launch NFTs collectibles around their products. NFT is a new form of marketing innovation and is being used by top brands world-wide.

For Celebrities, this is a great platform to engage closer with your fans and offer them unique and rare glimpse into your life. You can take rare glimpses form your life and create NFT to offer to your fans.

NFTindya app is dedicated NFT marketplace to empower new age digital creators. NFTindya is built on below framework and 3-C principles of Content, Collaboration and Community:

1. Content & Community: At NFTindya, focus is on building a community of Artists, Influencers and Brands to build world class content around Experiences, Travel, Food, Art, Paintings and Movies.

2. Collaboration: By building a community of Brands and Influencers on the same platform, NFTindya will foster collaboration between brands and content creators.

3. Ease of Use : Our UX philosophy has been to onboard users with limited NFT exposure to our platform with significant ease-of-use.

Overall, NFTindya App is a powerful NFT platform owned by creators and to facilitate experience, community and collaboration.

Amazing application with super cool interface, absolutely easy to use.
Abhishek Shaji
Best place to buy NFTs
Amanjot Singh
Buy, sell NFTs
Himanshu Mishra