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About Dr. Prius / Dr. Hybrid

Dr. Prius is an app developed to help professional Toyota/Lexus hybrid repair shop or owners to examine the health of the High Voltage battery. It turns your mobile device into a professional diagnostic equipment that usually cost thousand of dollars, it is being trusted by 31+ professional repair shops around the world.

Dr. Prius perform test and provides access to all the relevant battery information to quickly help identify problems with a simple touch on the screen of a smartphone, do not fall victim to bad battery, test the battery and print the certificate to prove the health of the battery system.

This app requires a ELM327 Bluetooth OBD interface to communicate with your hybrid vehicle, most of the cheap clone ELM327 will not work due to inability to switch between ECUs in your vehicle. Please visit for more detail or feel free to email us for any adapter compatibility question. It is generally NOT a good idea to use WiFi OBD2 adapter due to the interruption of the internet during the connection.

Some useful features:

1. Real-time battery monitor with clever charts and numbers.
2. Life expectancy test with proprietary algorithm to find out battery remaining life.
3. Full battery test to run diagnostic on battery system.
4. Print or share test certificate with customer.
5. Read error codes, reset error codes in a breeze.
6. Disable or enable the reverse beep, seat belt beep, adjust battery fan speed and more.
7. Maintenance mode to help with car diagnostic and maintenance
8. Traction control on/off
9. Find nearby reputable hybrid repair shop.

Current supported model:
1. 2017-2019 Prius Prime Plug-In
2. 2016-2019 Prius Gen4 One, Two, Two Eco, Three(Lithium) and Four(Lithium)
3. 2012-2015 Prius Plug-In
4. 2009-2015 Prius Gen3
5. 2003-2009 Prius Gen2
6. 1997-2003 Prius Gen1
7. Auris
8. Aqua
9. Prius C
10. Camry Hybrid
11. Avalon Hybrid
12. Highlander Hybrid
13. Lexus CT200h
14. Lexus ES300h
15. Lexus HS250h
16. Lexus RX400h
17. Lexus RX450h
18. Lexus GS450h
19. Lexus LS600h
20. Lexus UX250h
21. CHR Hybrid
22. Estima Hybrid (Android and Amazon Fire only)

Tutorial videos:

Note: Most features are free but test features require in-app purchase. Any feedback or feature request please reach out to [email protected]

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I need to know the developer ASAP! Fantastic work, dose this work on Honda hybrid or any other hybrid vehicles?
Richard Bennett
2007 Toyota Highlander hybrid. Shows all HV info. Awesome!
booda frank
the app works!
Grigol Kopaleishvili
Just in the trial, and very impressed. Can only see battery behaviour and condition, and there is one dead cell dragging others down. Real information. Pure gold. Worth every penny! BUT, cannot see how to go...
Jen Cluse
Very good
Piyal Sanjaya de silva
Nice app
wakas hatim