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About Pet Talking

What does a cat or dog think about every day of its short life span of a dozen years?
When they have a lot on their mind, they need to talk to you. They need to share with you when they feel happy.
And how do you, as the owner, make your pet understand you when you want them to carry out your commands?
For example, the simple command to pick up objects and keep them in place.
These problems seem to plague pet families all the time, and now we've found a way to help you out.
Get started with Pet Talking right away!

Pet Talking offers a subscription service that gives subscribers exclusive access to premium features.After the 3-day trial period, pay monthly and cancel at any time. Cancel in the subscription settings of Google Play.

All features in the application are for entertainment purposes and the translations do not fully represent the true meaning of the voices.

Love this App!
Mohit Ranabhat
I was really fascinated at first-the more you use it, the more interesting it is, the more you use it, the more you can't stop~
Constant Blanchard
Amazing!!! That's all!!!!
Johanne Pedersen