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About FastVPN - Superfast And Secure VPN For Android!

This is the simplest, superfast VPN providing permanently free service for Android users with premium Wi-Fi hotspot function! It will provide fast and unlimited service to get access to global network while protecting your privacy. It provides new intelligent routing algorithm that allows you to get access to foreign websites or applications faster and simpler!

📌 Main functions:

✔️ Completely free permanently
✔️ VPN server across all GEOS such as America, Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe and Middle East
✔️ Allows you get access to your favorite websites or applications all over the world
✔️ Intelligently connect the fastest VPN server for you
✔️ Highest level of privacy
✔️ Tap to switch countries / regions
✔️ Provide a secure Wi-Fi hotspot
✔️ Provide speed test before connection
✔️ Strong user support
✔️ Superfast

📌 Why choose VPN?

1. Connect to various websites and applications

When using a virtual private network (VPN), your real IP address and geographic location will be protected from all tracking routine. VPN can help you visit any website avoiding censorship and Internet firewall,simply lead you to a free and open world while protecting the privacy. With VPN, you can enjoy your favorite content from all over the world, including social networks, videos, music, sports and games.

2. Anonymous access to global network, protect your privacy

VPN can encrypt all personal information to provide the highest level of privacy, no one can get access to your personal information including your real IP address, location and browsing history. With protection of VPN, you will be surrounded by safe wireless online surfing environment.

3. Use VPN to play games online with global players

Mobile games became more popular during Wireless age. Everyone can get access to mobile games globally anytime, anywhere to enjoy the time. But first, you need a fast and stable VPN to provide you great experience in game. Slow connection would be disaster for everyone while enjoying the gaming time. VPN would be top priority to help on the gaming experience.

📨 Contact us

Please feel free to contact us via email if you have any questions or suggestions, we would be more than happy to hear from you!

Support Mail: [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is FastVPN?

FastVPN is a superfast and secure VPN specifically designed for Android users. It offers permanently free service with a premium Wi-Fi hotspot function.

What are the main functions of FastVPN?

The main functions of FastVPN include providing fast and unlimited access to the global network, allowing you to access your favorite websites or applications from anywhere in the world. It also offers an intelligent routing algorithm for faster and simpler connections. Additionally, it provides a secure Wi-Fi hotspot, speed test before connection, and strong user support.

Why should I choose VPN?

There are several reasons to choose a VPN. Firstly, it allows you to connect to various websites and applications while protecting your real IP address and location. Secondly, it provides anonymous access to the global network, ensuring the highest level of privacy for your personal information. Lastly, using a VPN can enhance your online gaming experience by providing a fast and stable connection with global players.

How does a VPN protect my privacy?

VPN encrypts all your personal information, including your IP address, location, and browsing history, to provide a secure online surfing environment. It ensures that no one can access your personal information while you are connected to the VPN.

How can I contact FastVPN for support?

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact FastVPN via email. The support email address is [email protected].
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