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About Deeply: Meditation & Self-Care

If you’re looking for a simple yet powerful guide to help you with meditation and mindfulness practices, here’s an amazing app to help you relax your mind, stay calm, reduce stress or anxiety.

Deeply is an inviting, colorful experience where visual styling, animation, a soft guiding voice, and music will help you to get to the relaxing state.

“Deeply: Meditation & Self-Care” is an extremely useful self care app to help you learn and implement meditation and mindfulness practices. On this relaxation app, you will find audio lessons with guided meditation. You will find simple instructions that are useful for beginners to get started or for regular practitioners.

This mindfulness coach includes different programs with different objectives to keep your mind healthy. You will find audio programs to help you fall asleep quickly or programs to help you reduce stress, or programs to improve your mind focus.


Still wondering what features make Deeplythe best app to practice meditation and mindfulness? Here are some amazing features of this meditation guide that make it useful:

Free guided meditations that are regularly updated
Full guided courses, single meditations, or shorter on the go meditations
Breathing exercises to relax and relieve stress: a great pre-meeting routine.
Collection of calming nature sounds that can be layered
Connect with AppleHealth to track your mindful minutes
Connect your Premium Spotify account to enjoy relaxing music & meditation. Handpicked collections (ex: stress relief, weight loss, better sleep) that together with Deeply’s calming visualizations create an inspiring visual & audio experience
Use YouTube? Design your own go-to library of free content by storing your favorite YouTube meditation/awareness/relaxation videos in the app
Track your daily progress with mindfulness and self care

All these features on this mindfulness coach app are for free. So, what are you waiting for? Download the “Guided Meditation & Mindfulness: Relaxation” app now.


We’re constantly working on adding more useful content on the app to keep your mind healthy. If you have any feedback, please send us over an email. If you like our app, please rate us on the app store and share among your friends.

“A great app to become more present in your daily life!”
PEOPLE LOVE US ON PRODUCT HUNT: "Deeply is when mindfulness meets visual design.”

Just lovely!
Ben Johnson
Good application
Thura Koko
I've used this app now for a few weeks and I'm with 100% confidence saying this app works. Unlike other freemium meditation apps which coax you purchase by having a pay wall after a few days, this app actual...
Dakshitha Bandaratilaka