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About Night Clock: Donate

If button lights don't turn off, try:
1) Turning your phone's automatic brightness on or off
2) Tap to dim screen, then turn screen off and then on (using the button on your phone)

To find the settings menu on S5, just hold in the multitasking key (left soft key at bottom of phone).

This version turns off button backlights for most, but not all, phones. In particular, some new KitKat (Android 4.4) phones do not allow apps to turn off button backlights. If it doesn't work (with the tips above), just uninstall for a refund. Some phones disable my ability to turn the lights off, and unfortunately there's nothing I can do about that.

If the background is a gradient instead of just black, you need to: turn off "Force GPU rendering" in your phone's "Developer"

If you have a problem, email me!

This is a simple, retro-style night clock. It will display the time in big, bold letters (three fonts and any color to choose from), along with having a built-in alarm (or you can use your stock android alarm, it it's supported). Since the screen will stay on while the application is open (unless you manually turn it off), it is highly recommended that you keep your phone plugged in to charge otherwise it will drain the battery.

Some features include:
-Silence notifications
-Tap to dim screen to lowest possible setting
-Launches when put into the multimedia dock (also has flipped mode for use without a dock)
-Font and color settings (when choosing text color, drag your finger away from the center to change transparency)
-Built in alarm (or use stock Android alarm, if your phone supports it)
-Show next alarm on clock screen

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Exactly what I need and it's red. So many other clocks are blue which is ridiculous for a clock next to my bed.
Peter Whitton
scott bognuda
I have been using this app for years and it is the best. Problem is, when my GS9 updated to Android 10, the settings button on the navigation bar went away. It's useless without that. I've tried holding, the...
Allen Jones
Use it every night. Love it.
Tom Gordon
Uncluttered display, big enough to read without glasses, and it just works. What more could I ask?
Peter Spearing
Used every night for more than 2 years . Ideal ! Would also like an iPhone version .
Geoffrey Scriven