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About Nection: Personal Contacts CRM

Personal CRM to enhance your relations

Nection is the best personal CRM to enhance your business relations.

Created to stop chaos in your contacts.

Are you tired of spending a ton of time staying in touch with your contacts? Use the power of the relationship management app Nection to connect appropriately with people at work, colleagues, and even family.

With this application, you'll take your business to the next level and gain unbelievable networking prowess. You no longer need to spend hours to pay attention to each contact – now you can reach success and strengthen relationships in one click!

**Ultimate features of relationship management application Nection**

*Store all your contacts in one place*

We've made it easy for you to keep contacts from different channels in the app. Add people from your contact book, Facebook, and LinkedIn networks to create a single base of business relations.

*Communicate in a channel that's best for the other person*

It used to be challenging to keep track of where you were communicating with a particular individual. In Nection, we've implemented a one-click function that takes your conversation to the right channel. Interact with people via those channels they prefer with no confusion or waste of time!

*Personalized messages*

You can now send customized messages to a group of contacts in various channels. Mailing list members will not know that you sent the exact text to anyone else. In this contact app, you can select a period to send a message or use another convenient way to remind yourself.

*Reminders and frequency of communication control*

Don't let anyone forget about your acquaintance. In this contact app, you can select a period to send a message or use another convenient way to remind yourself.

*A few insights to start the conversation*

In our relationship management application, you can use three functions to maintain the contact's warm interaction. On the person's information page, you can see the weather forecast for his location, the history of recent communications, and the last five news about the individual.

Take a new look at contact management with Nection and make the whole business world fall in love with you through perfect networking!

Privacy policy:

If you need us, you can always find us at [email protected]

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