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About is a financial app building an inclusive narrative around money. changes our behaviors around money by providing personalized tools that build confidence and eliminate shame. helps you pay down debt, automate savings, track spending and learn how to more optimistically navigate your financial future.

We offer a three-tier banking approach to financial health with personalized budgeting, savings, and debt-minimizing tools. We help you set up your finances to achieve your lifestyle dreams through a beautifully-designed interface that considers your individual goals and income for saving, spending and growing wealth. And we add in some fun community stuff to keep you entertained.

Together, we tackle:

1. Managing Money (Boost your financial health with personalized reports, a dashboard for every account and goals to help you spend less, save more and learn to trust your money roadmap)

2. Building a safety net (With a savings account feature that takes the anxiety around bill paying and savings goals)

3. Getting Rid of High-Interest Debt (One-on-one coaches who will join you in saying ‘Buh-bye’ to soul-crushing credit card or student debt)

To meet all these goals, we also offer financial checklists, short and long-term goal trackers, trusty calculators, peer benchmarks, and automated expense reporting.

You also have a community at your fingertips that believes a growth mindset is key to success—because it’s not just about band-aids and quick fixes, it’s about empowering behavior and creating new healthy habits.


1. Community channels where you can share and ask questions of people at all financial life stages.

2. Quizzes and education nudges that increase your financial literacy and confidence.

3. Empathetic and in-powering custom coaching opportunities that promote education and life on your own terms.

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