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About PC Start Shutdown and More

No agent to install on your PC! - Use WOL, Telnet and/or SSH to control your PC.

Start / On / Shutdown / Off / Run A Script on your PC, reboot your router and more.

WARNING: This app will not work "out of the box". It requires knowledge of WOL, Telnet and SSH to make it work and will also require some configuration on the computer you want to use it with. If you don't know what WOL, telnet or SSH is or understand why you might want to use these technologies over other ways of doing this the app is probably not for you. To test your PC setup, connect and issue the command you want the app to send via a telnet client or command prompt from another device first. You can also use the apps debug mode to troubleshoot. If you contact me I will try and help you as much as I can.

“PC Start Shutdown and More” is an Android application designed primarily to switch your PC on and off from within your local LAN/network. It works with Windows, Linux and many more devices. It can also be used for a vast variety of other remote functions including restarting your PC, running a script or copying some files– in fact pretty much anything that can be done from the command prompt can be done via this app. It provides the user with a quick to use interface to control up to twenty five different PC’s. Its easy to use and simple to setup. There is also a Lite version you can download for free to try before you buy.

How it works…

Send commands to your PC from the app by customising the app settings which can include everything from the name of the button to the command you are sending. Switch on debug mode to see the output from the remote server - great for troubleshooting.

Examples might include...

1. Send a WOL packet to switch your PC on.
2. Send a command to shut down or restart your PC.
3. Send a command to restart your router.
4. Run a script on your PC.
5. Start or stop a service.

Use windows Telnet (built into windows) or install a SSH server for added security and encryption when connecting and sending commands. The app has been tested and is known to work with FreeSSHd SSH server and MobaSSH server but should work with many others.

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No agent to install on your PC! - Use WOL, Telnet and/or SSH to control your PC.

No widget. However still very useful.
Awesome app! When configured correctly (address range for wake on lan, not specific IP) it works great. This perfectly fits my use case for booting up and shutting down my VR PC without using the projector. ...
James Blazicevich
Helpful support 10/10
Gamaliel Gomez