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About Complete Human Physiology-With Mnemonics

This Book will help you in remembering the physiology to a great extent,
With the help of Mnemonics
This App covers all human body parts, organs and systems. It help improve your general knowledge about human body parts and its systems.
If you are looking for a Human Anatomy and Physiology Learning app look no further as this simple Application has been Designed and equipped with vast knowledge about Human Anatomy and Physiology.

This application is designed specifically for Medical Students to help them learn Human Anatomy with ease by using illustrations after a detailed Explanation.

*****APP FEATURES*****
* Easy to use and always FREE!
* Social sharing button to share app contents to your friends.
* You can set all the images as wallpaper, contact info, lock screen and others
* Easy to use
* Zoom in, zoom out, and slide for all images.
* The app works OFFLINE. No need to download content.
*Illustration of each biological system that can be zoomed using pinch touch.
*Description of each element represented.

*Cardiovascular System
*Digestive System
*Nervous System
*Reproductive System
*Female Reproductive System
*Male Reproductive System
*Lymphatic System
*Muscular System
*Respiratory System
*Skeletal System
*Urinary System
*Anatomy of the Heart, Lung, Brain, Kidney and So on
*Anatomy of Liver, Diaphragm, Spleen, Small Intestine, Pancreas and So on
*Anatomy of the Vagina, Penis, Cervix, Uterus, Testes and so on.

Enjoy Reading :)

The contents of this app are for education purpose only. Some of the contents especially illustrated images are obtained from online Resources and remain the Intellectual properties of their respective owners. Any Content can be removed on request by the copyright owner

Thanks you so much for this application God bless you (Out of the box creativity)
shankar kunte
Fabulous app 👍
Samruddhi Deshpande