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About Fuel Consumption Log

This app provides an easy way to monitor your vehicle's fuel efficiency and compare how different road conditions and driving styles affect gas consumption. In-car computers are notoriously inaccurate in calculating real world fuel consumption. This app will help you to find how efficient your car really is.

The easiest way to keep track of your real-world fuel consumption is to always fill up the tank full and enter data into the app. You can enter distance manually, or (if you use the app during every fill-up) simply enter the car's odometer reading and distance will be calculated automatically

The app contains two parts - a calculators, intended for one-off fuel consumption and cost calculations, and a log section where you can record and save your results for multiple trips and multiple vehicles.

Sync feature allows to sync data between multiple Android devices, also to backup data to the Cloud and later restore to the same or a different device. Local backup and restore feature is also available.

All units can be changed at any time in settings.

• miles
• kilometres

• US gallons
• Imperial (UK) gallons
• litres

Fuel consumption:
• mpg (US)
• mpg (Imperial - UK)
• l/100km
• l/100miles

If you have any questions or suggestion please email me [email protected]

Very good for my use. Notice to touch the trip distance to let the application to make the calculation.
Matti Naskali
Easy to use
Dusan Cuslovic
akasit h.