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About Fitly: Workouts, Motivation & Fitness Home Screen

Conquer your fitness goals with Fitly!
💪 Stay Motivated
⛹️ Discover fun new workout routines
🏃 Challenge yourself with new workout programs
🏋️ Monitor your fitness with our health and fitness tracker

A Guided Start
We know starting any new fitness app or fitness routine can be a challenging and overwhelming task. You have to enter tons of personal information, learn all the ins-and-outs of the app, and still work on actually working out! We decided to change that process a little bit giving you the option of a gradual, guided on-boarding process that lasts three days. Each day gives you a new set of features and a new set of challenges that will help you gradually start adding health and fitness into your daily life.

Finish all three days and earn your first finishers badge to display in your showcase! Don’t feel like going through the guided on boarding? No problem, you can skip the first challenge and jump right into the full app!

Health & Fitness Tracking
Who doesn’t like seeing their fitness progress?? Fitly’s fitness tracking dashboard makes tracking your key fitness stats easy! Our fitness tracker will show you daily including steps, calories eaten, calories burned, exercise time, heart rate, distance traveled, weight, and more! And, if that’s not enough, we also track your health progress over time so you can see how much you’ve improved since starting on your fitness journey!

Workout Routines
Tired of doing the same old workouts day-in and day-out? Mix it up by following along with one of the many workout videos featured on Fitly. Or, if you’re training for something more long term, try signing up for one of our workout programs or fitness challenges! Each program is specially designed to help you reach a specific goal and will help you set up daily challenges to keep you motivated and on track!

All of our Fitness Challenges will help you set a goal that pushes your comfort zone just a little bit so you can continue improving your overall health.

What’s more exciting, anytime you finish a challenge or fitness program, you get a new finishers badge to show off in your showcase!

Health & Wellness Content
Keep up to date on the latest fitness trends and research with Fitly’s health and wellness content. From discovering new workouts and gear, to celebrity fitness routines, workout routines you can do at your desk, and inspirational stories from others who are doing cool things in the fitness world. Our health and wellness content section will keep you in the loop and help make fitness easier for you.

We all need a little encouragement every now and then especially when it comes to working out! Fitly wants to make sure you always have the motivation you need to get up and conquer your workouts! Whether it’s a simple reminder of why you start your fitness journey in the first place or some inspirational stories from other people who have faced similar challenges in the past.

Other Great Features
Because Fitly is a launcher and home screen app as well as a Fitness tracker and health and wellness app, you have access to many other great features to help make your phone as useful as possible! Be sure to take advantage of our pull down search / news screen, updated settings menus, and many other great features that will make your phone even better than before. Additionally, we are supported by ads but we try to keep them to a minimum!

We’re constantly updating our app so if there are any features you want to see, let us know!

Our mission is to build the fastest, easiest, most secure Fitness App and Launcher available. We're constantly looking for feedback in order to make the next versions even better. Keep Fitly updated and let us know what you think. We hope you love it!

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Flavio Jimenez
Great app!
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Love it
Ethan Lightner