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About Radio India: All India Radio Live AM & FM Stations

📻 Radio India 🇮🇳

Welcome and thank you for choosing Radio India, the radio player for Android that you can truly rely on. We are dedicated to bringing you over 1000 Indian radio stations and much more in one easy-to-use application, no matter where you are in the world and the best news of it all is that it is FREE!.

Indian Radio Stations

Radio India is very robust, easy-to-use and it lets you stream and enjoy all Indian radio stations that have online streaming support.

Below is a list of some of the active Indian radio stations that you can stream & enjoy via the app:

⭐ Radio Mirchi
⭐ All India Radio Stations (AIR)
⭐ AIR FM Gold (All India Radio)
⭐ Vividh Bharati
⭐ All India Radio FM Rainbow
⭐ Ishq FM
⭐ All India Radio Live
⭐ BIG FM 92.7
⭐ Raagam (radio channel)
⭐ Radio Mango 91.9
⭐ All India Radio Chennai FM Rainbow
⭐ Radio Sharda
⭐ Radio Madhuban 90.4 FM
⭐ All India Radio Kashmir Jammu
⭐ Indigo 91.9 FM
⭐ All India Radio National
⭐ Friends FM
⭐ Aamar FM
⭐ AIR Amruthavarshini
⭐ 94.3 Club FM
⭐ India Radio
⭐ AIR Manjeri FM
⭐ And many many more Indian radio stations...

Radio India Features

Download the Radio India App now and join thousands of users from all over the world, who are enjoying the following great features:

📻 Stream & enjoy all Indian radio stations.
🎧 Listen to live radio with or without headsets.
✈️ Enjoy all Indian radio stations from anywhere.
🎵🆔 See track, album & artist info of playing song.
❤️ Bookmark your favourite Indian radio stations.
🔎 Use built-in search to quickly find radio stations.
💌 Share what you're listening to with your friends.
⏱️ set a sleep-timer to save battery & data.
📱 Listen to the radio in the background while using other apps.

Radio India Genres

With the Radio India App, you can enjoy all India radio stations that fall in the following genres & much more.

⭐ India news radio stations
⭐ Indian music radio stations
⭐ Indian sports radio stations
⭐ Indian classic radio stations)
⭐ Pop (All India pop radio stations)
⭐ Love Songs (All India love songs radio stations)
⭐ All India Radio Live (AIR Live)
⭐ Hindi radio stations
⭐ Punjabi radio stations
⭐ Gujarati radio stations
⭐ Telugu radio stations
⭐ Bollywood radio stations
⭐ Tamil radio stations
⭐ FM Radio India
⭐ Marathi radio stations
⭐ Malayalam radio stations
⭐ Kannada radio stations
⭐ Odia radio stations
⭐ Goa radio stations
⭐ Bangla radio stations
⭐ Live cricket radio station
⭐ All India radio live
⭐Bollywood music radio stations

Radio India Legal Disclaimer

Radio India respects your privacy and does not collect/store any personal identifiable data from its users. Please see our Privacy Poly for more info.

User Feedback

The Radio India Team designed and developed the Radio India app so that users can stream & enjoy their existing favourite Indian radio stations, as well as discover new ones from wherever they are in the world, as long as you've got an active internet connection, as well as a compatible Android device.

With that been said, the Radio India Support Team would love to hear from you. So, whether Radio India meets or exceeds your expectations or whether it doesn't, your feedback in the form of a rating and or review will be highly appreciated, as this will not only help us in releasing improved future versions of the app, but it will also enable other valuable Google Play users like yourself to make better and more informed decisions when in need of a reliable Indian radio stations app for Android.

We hope that you will find all to be in order and that you will enjoy listening to your favourite Indian radio stations from wherever you are, as well as look forward to hearing from you soon. May you have yourself a blessed and wonderful day. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,
Radio India Support Team

Playing this radio is fun and utility
Girish Makwana
Gourhari Nayak
Very nice
Mukesh AgnihotrI
Very impressive and effective app
Rakesh Pulpa