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About Manav Samachar

Manav Samachar is an independent media-portal. Our vision is to reform the world through truthful and meaningful journalism. And play the role of a chief mentor in the field of mass media communication services.

We aim to:

Provide a platform for freelancers / independent journalists
Be a part of the reformation of honest journalism in the present era
Publish authentic articles and share real stories
Contribute information, services for the empowerment of nation and society, in general spread humanity.
Manav Samachar is a dynamic online web portal. We work on the principles of unbiased media services to provide information pertaining to current and international scenarios, social, environmental, sports, and educational information. The author will be responsible for the published content on the web portal.

Manav Samachar is a media portal which covers trending, political, social, educational cultural, sports, local news as well as national news. It is work on the principle of ethical and professional journalism. There is no reformation without the voice of the people and every individual can be a reformer.

We publish original, authentic articles and genuine stories that are inimitable. We do not promote any political party, corporate, a private firm, or community. We do not believe in trolls and critics.

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