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About Fake Call with BTS V - Taehyung

This BTS member is famous for his good looks. At the beginning of his debut, Kim Taehyung got the stage name V from the word victory. Among all the members, Taehyung is considered the most unique and strange member and is considered the most mysterious member.

FakeCall is an application for making fake video and voice calls with your favorite artists. For Xiaomi smartphones, first set the application permissions on Xiaomi, click the top right menu on this application.

How to use this application are:
1. Select your favorite artist photo
2. Select Video or Voice Call
3. Select whatsapp or facebook video call display
4. select the time to run (select now - recommendation)
5. Start Fake
6. Wait 2 seconds then the fake call will run.

With this application you can prank your friends as if you were on the phone of your favorite artist, BTS V - Taehyung. You can also show off with your friends by taking screenshots during a video call and then sharing them on your social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and others.

How ? Cool, right ?
This application is made with a theme similar to Instagram so that it looks cooler, easier to use, and there are 2 video and voice call themes, namely the WhatsApp and Facebook themes.

this app so amazing and trending ❤️❤️
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