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About mrBilit | Flights, trains and buses

Mrbilit application gives you the opportunity of a very pleasant process of buying different types of transit pass including flight tickets, bus tickets and train tickets. The app provides accurate and complete information. So do not lose any opportunity to travel! You just need to think about a destination.

The most complete scheduled and chartered flights list to every desired destination, in Iran and other countries, is available. It is worth noting that every new flight will be added to the app immediately. Another feature of Mrbilit app is different filters; in order to classify and compare search results, you can apply various filters based on price, time, airline, flight classes, etc. Consequently, you will be able to find and buy the most suitable bus, train or flight tickets.

If you are willing to travel by plane, the app lets you compare ticket prices, departure and arrival time and other important factors. On the other hand, searching the app for train tickets, you will be aware of the train type. Through the app, you also can buy bus tickets from different bus companies across Iran. On-line shopping gives you the chance of

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