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About KPOP MV NCT Quiz

The Korean wave has taken a strong place in the music arena. NCT (Neo Culture Technology) is a group of handsome Korean guys. In turn, they are divided into subgroups NCT U, NCT 127, NCT DREAM. Korea has a strong place in the presence of handsome guys in the show business and guys from the group are no exception. Taeyeon, Theil, Doyeon, Ten, Utah, Jaehyun, VinWin, Mark, Hatchan, Johnny and others are waiting for you in this game. Check how much you are a fan. Guess the names of songs from video clips in our interesting quiz. Kpop NCT is an interesting game for kpopers of this world.
Leave feedback they are important to us. More updates - more levels. stay with us.

Game ini sungguh seronik sekali dan membuatku seneng😁
Hwasa the president
tsetsegee nyamosor
it was a pleasure playing this game so i gave it a 5 star..the only thing i hope is that you could add more levels because it would be quite boring if you didn't add more..but still was a very good game!🙃
Jaehyun Jung