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About Quran in Pashto

QURAN-i-KARIM IN PASHTO app is for reading and reciting the Holy book Qur'an Karim with four language (Pashto, Persian, Urdu and English) translations and Pashto Tafsir.

According to Qur'an-i-Karim, the app has the following information:

-Qur'an Arabic data; Persian, Urdu and English translation texts were taken from

- Pashto translation by Mavlavi Qayamuddin Kshaf;

- Recitation by Qari Barkatullah Saleem;

- Translation Recited by Mr. Omar Khitab;

- and Kabuli Pashto Tafsir;

According to designing, the app has the below features:

- Four different custom fonts for Arabic text;

- Two custom fonts for translation texts;

- Text size changing ability;

- Powerful search feature;

- Bookmarking of Surah and ayahs;

- Portrait or landscape mode for Qur'an reading;
- .....

Moreover, this app is reviewed by Hamadiya Islamic School in Kandahar, Afghanistan, by given a confirmation letter, which is located in the app.

You can follow Facebook page of the app for new information and updates:

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Outstanding plz
Abo Azaam
منننه الله ج د اجر عضیم درکړی
Nasirahmad Amiri
Perfect app. Mashallah. But I wish word to word tarjumah possible hota
rocky night