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About play the harmonica

The software(Play the harmonica) provides users with real-time tips when playing music with harmonica, to help users learn harmonica.

## Features

- Support 10 hole diatonic harmonica, chromatic harmonica (10 hole, 12 hole, 14 hole, 16 hole),tremolo harmonica (24 hole, 28 hole)
- Supports two display modes: Waterfall mode and Drawing-blowing mode
- Support for the modification of music performance speed, change of music playing mode, change of harmonica type and harmonica key
- Support to set different note tips mode:123、doremmi、CDE
- Support users to modify the color of blowing and drawing
- It allows users to set playing strategies for notes with multiple playing methods
- There are 100 different free musics and 150 pieces of exchangeable musics
- Users can add songs in ABC format by themselves after obtaining the permission.