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About MOTOR PLANit: Child Enrichment

Foster your child’s development in the safety and comfort of your own home! (is it overkill that we keep saying this…I can take it out)

Motor Planit offers out of this world, developmental fun within your home base! Our software-based program provides fun, motivating activities designed to challenge your child’s abilities. Motor Planit is a powerful, developmental program designed to enhance your child’s skills in the areas of:

Fine and Visual Motor

Visual Perception



Sensory Processing

Daily, you and your child will be provided with innovative exercises and activities designed to enhance foundational, developmental skills, through the use of everyday household items. With each activity presented, caregivers will be provided with a breakdown of why the activity was designed, how to modify it to meet your child’s individual needs, the skills it addresses and additional home carry over tasks and games to further enhance their skills!

Motor Planit was developed with children of all abilities in mind! Created by experts in the area of child development, special needs and special education, Motor Planit provides tips and tools to modify activities to meet your child individual needs. Outer space themed activities foster the achievement of developmental milestones that span across childhood. Strengthening these essential, foundational skills supports your child’s participation with school-based tasks, enhances performance in sports and encourages independence with self-care activities.

Motor Planit offers the following:
- Easy to implement activities that can be performed in the comfort of your own home
- The ability to access our program on ….. (not sure of all the platforms)
- Quality time to bond with your child, while fostering their growth and development
- New and creative activities each day
- An alternative or supplement to therapy services for children with special needs