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About Motomoshi - Vehicle Fuel & Expense Tracking

Motomoshi lets you track your fuel consumption and vehicle expenses. It automatically syncs with our web servers so you will never lose your data. All of these, completely free.

Easy to use app to track all your vehicle expenses, including your fuelings at various filling stations
Automatic backup so you don/t have to worry about losing your data
Multiple vehicles of any type (cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles)
Any fuel, or bi-fuel. We support gasoline, diesel, LPG, CNG, electricity and basically any fuel vehicles even ones with multiple tanks
Detailed statistics of your expenses and fuel consumption
Reminders to make sure you won’t miss an important service of your vehicle or any other expense like insurance and tax costs
Find fuel with our filling station browser, prices coming soon

- Sync with the web and never loose any of your data
- Clean, modern interface
- Beautiful vehicle timeline
- Easy and painless data entry
- Full fuel management (costs, efficiency, etc.)
- Advanced reminders
- Detailed statistics
- Metric and imperial units for distance, quantity and consumption
- Multiple vehicles (cars, motorcycles, trucks)
- Multiple fuel types (gasoline, diesel, LPG, CNG, electricity)
- Multi-fuel support
- Many expense types (initial purchase cost, maintenance, insurance, etc.)
- Add as many photos as you like
- Browse venues, filling stations

Много добро приложение... Лесно за ползване и вади интересни данни и статистика. Препоръчвам го! Мартин...
Martin Nikolov
Very nice app to track your car's costs. Adds free also.
János Csjernyik
Great app for tracking vehicule costs.
Martin Stoianov