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About myPlan

Does your partner do things that make you feel scared or unsafe? Do you have a friend or family member whose relationship worries you? You are not alone. Relationship abuse is common. It not only affects someone’s health and wellbeing but can also put them in serious danger.

myPlan can help you see more clearly to make safety decisions by helping you assess the health and safety of your (or a loved one’s) relationship, get personalized information for your unique situation, and connect to resources.

- Choose a secure PIN
- Answer questions about you and your relationship so myPlan can provide you with personalized information
- Take the Danger Assessment to learn about your level of risk from a partner
- Rank your priorities to help determine what’s most important to you
- Explore safety strategies and local resources customized to you
- Bookmark what’s useful for later to create a safety plan that’s right for you

myPlan is backed by research with thousands of people experiencing abuse from a partner.

Safety features:
- No account set up required, myPlan use is completely anonymous
- Set your own secure PIN code to keep your information private
- “Dummy code” option will hide the contents of the app in case you are forced to enter a PIN by someone
- Quick lock button on every page

Safety Notes:
- If someone monitors your device activity, having an app about relationship abuse could put you at risk. If concerned about someone discovering the app, delete it when you are done with it, but know that on devices it’s not possible to delete the app completely from your purchase history.
- myPlan is not intended for use if you are in crisis, if in immediate danger call 911.
- Talking to trained advocates or counselors is the most helpful thing people can do to stay safe, but we know the vast majority of people experiencing abuse never access these services. myPlan expands access to safety information by providing a way to get to individualized safety information—with the ease of access and privacy of a device. However, myPlan is not intended to replace live trained service providers.

Jemm Corona-Morris: Someone needs to say this to you--->"It's not all on you but..." Are you serious? How dare you tell people that have created a free resource, based off of research too, that they're not d...
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Awesome and very helpful!
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