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About Money Race Finance and Investing Game

Ever wanted to build wealth and earn money like rich people do, having a constant income and cashflow so you can enjoy the desired financial freedom?

Play Money Race 2, the money game that shows you how to do this all by yourself. Money Race 2 teaches investments and money management for everyone. Learn how you can stop working for money, and instead, make your money work for you and earn more money!

With Money Race you will learn the sound financial principles in acquiring and keeping wealth, and most importantly, making your money grow by itself.

Take your finances and money management to the next level: take investment decisions and get into multiple business opportunities. Acquire and build businesses and real estate, make money on the stocks market, get debts that will make you earn more money, increase your cashflow and build passive income.

Money Race 2 will guide you across different levels of financial status: from the very bottom with your pockets almost empty, up to build empires of business and corporations, owning everything you ever wanted to have.

Each level has the same goal: increasing your cash flow and making your passive income exceed your expenses and therefore achieving the desired financial freedom. And if you want to become a real financial guru, try to get all the financial achievements that are waiting for you on the game.

Throughout the game, Money Race 2 will show you tips, tricks, recommendations and common mistakes about money, personal finances and investments, helping you to be financially free and live a rich life with your money and finance under control.

You will be able to prove the financial skills you have acquired over the game playing against other players in multiplayer games and you can even invite and challenge your Facebook friends and show them how you become a tycoon step by step.

Money Race have been considered one of the best money games for financial education by thousands of players. Play now and improve your finances with Money Race 2, the new version of the acclaimed financial and money game Money Race, featuring a large list of improvements and new features.

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The best finance educational game i have ever played. I think i even enjoyed it more than the cash flow 101 game. I'm now addicted to it but I'm not complaining because it's a good addiction that optimizes m...
Ahmed Macaulay
The game helped me open up my head to investing correctly. It's a cool inductive way to understand the sciences behind accumalting wealth.
AB Sharma
I dig this game!
Yoriche Media