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About ShiftOne

Amazing stuff happens every shift. ShiftOne lets you keep track.

Own Your Performance.

ShiftOne puts your performance data directly in your palm. A simple tap lets you view customer ratings, access comments, and see how you stack up against coworkers across your region.

Be Recognized.

It’s easy for great performance to fall through the cracks. With ShiftOne, you earn points and achievements for exemplary work — and your top moments are broadcast to your coworkers and managers in a live feed.

Step Up Your Game.

Let the brag wars begin. Race your way to the top of the leaderboards by stacking perfect ratings. Satisfied customers leave satisfying tips (it’s science).

Have Fun!

Work is better with a little excitement. Spice up your shifts — starting now.

Hit Us Up.

ShiftOne is all about you. Tell us how we can make it better by tapping on your profile picture and selecting “give feedback.”

Happy snapping
— The Shift One team

Work realatied
Iris Morales
A great way to keep connected with other employees from different area regions, and a great way to recognize achievements and accomplishments for employees at my store #210
Maryanna Jackson
easy to access
Tiffany VANEK