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About Girly Adventure

Flora and her friend Eileen went on a field outing and accidentally entered the restricted area "Savage Valley". Unfortunately, Eileen was taken away by monsters! You need to help Flora fight against the evil monster army and rescue her friend. But the monster army is far more terrifying than imagined. You need to wave your weapons to resist their attacks of wave after wave. If you are not careful, you will be wiped out! During the rescue, an even more amazing secret is found by chance: it turns out that the monster army is plotting to invade the mainland manor. Things don't seem as simple as they might seem… You have the responsibility of defending your homeland…

【Game Features】
* Story-driven adventure game
* Easy To Play
* Various super fun weapons like pan, lollipop, boomerang, broom…Each weapon has special skills…
* Over 100 levels are waiting for you to challenge
* Offline game could play anytime and anywhere
* No hidden any fees, 100% free casual shooting game forever

「Girly Adventure」is committed to creating a new experience for casual shooting game lovers. Download and experience this exciting game!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is "Girly Adventure"?

"Girly Adventure" is a story-driven adventure game where players need to help Flora rescue her friend Eileen from the evil monster army.

How do I play "Girly Adventure"?

"Girly Adventure" is an easy-to-play game. Players need to wave their weapons to resist the attacks of the monster army and complete various levels.

What kind of weapons are available in the game?

In "Girly Adventure," players can use various super fun weapons such as pan, lollipop, boomerang, broom, each of which has special skills.

How many levels are there in the game?

There are over 100 levels waiting for players to challenge in "Girly Adventure."

Can I play "Girly Adventure" offline?

Yes, "Girly Adventure" is an offline game that can be played anytime and anywhere.

Is "Girly Adventure" a free game?

Yes, "Girly Adventure" is 100% free and does not have any hidden fees.
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