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About Fishing Championship

* Fishing legendary fish and 'challenge the king of fishing'
- A variety of beautiful tropical fish
- Meeting with the unknown big fish living in deep deep sea

* Various achievement systems!
- Everything in the game play remains an achievement!
- Various rich items to achieve achievement!

* Are you concerned about data consumption?
- Except for the first installation, worry about data exhaustion!
- High quality game where you can enjoy easily anywhere and anytime!

* Full multi-language support!
- Korean, English, 中文 繁體, Japanese, francais, Deutsch, Bahasa Indonesia
- Perfect for various languages.

* Active reeling that you can not feel anywhere!
- Striking system pulling a line with powerful force
- Power gauge system that knocks down a momentary fish

* Feast of various fish full of life ~!
- hundreds of different species that are more detailed
- Various species collection and medal rewards

* Beautiful scenery where you can feel healing
- a beautiful heaven and a wave of waves
- Changes in weather and time

* The end of the fishing equipment king!
- Various kinds of fishing equipment, strengthening, evolution
- Material acquisition and jewelry system through disassembly of equipment



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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the Fishing Championship game about?

Fishing Championship is a game where you can fish legendary fish, challenge the king of fishing, and explore the deep sea to discover unknown big fish.

What achievements can be earned in the game?

Everything in the game play is considered an achievement. You can earn various rich items by achieving different accomplishments.

Will the game consume a lot of data?

After the initial installation, there is no need to worry about data consumption. The game is designed to be high quality and can be enjoyed easily anywhere and anytime.

Does the game support multiple languages?

Yes, the game offers full multi-language support. It is available in Korean, English, 中文 繁體, Japanese, francais, Deutsch, and Bahasa Indonesia.

How does the fishing system work in the game?

The game features an active reeling system where you can experience powerful force while pulling a line. There is also a power gauge system that allows you to knock down fish with a momentary strike.

What types of fish can be found in the game?

Fishing Championship offers hundreds of different fish species, each more detailed than the other. You can collect various species and earn medal rewards.

Can you describe the scenery in the game?

The game provides beautiful scenery where you can experience healing. You can enjoy a beautiful heaven, waves, and witness changes in weather and time.

What can be done with fishing equipment in the game?

The game offers various kinds of fishing equipment that can be strengthened and evolved. You can also acquire materials and jewelry through equipment disassembly.

Where can I find more information about the game?

You can visit the official homepage of Fishing Championship by following this link:

Is there a social media presence for the game?

Yes, Fishing Championship has a Facebook page where you can find updates and interact with other players. You can visit the Facebook page at:

Is there a YouTube channel for the game?

Yes, Fishing Championship has an official YouTube channel where you can find gameplay videos and other content. You can visit the YouTube channel at:
Awesome advanture
Carlo Lauwrens
Henry Wilkins
Mantulll Mantab betulll
Rio Yuniars
Kenny Carton
Abdulla Nihad
Very fun game to play
Cliff Adkins