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About Magic Triangle

Hello Everyone this is the Best Puzzle Game like Magic Triangle Puzzle Game. And it is also known as King of the Puzzle Game.

Magic Triangle Puzzle Game is designed to help people of all age levels improve their arithmetic abilities and mental math skills. Get ready to play the game and find out if you have a genius brain or not! If you can finish all levels of the game in minimum time, you will be pronounced a genius!

Magic triangle puzzle game has been used to help improve Children with their brain functions in school and their pastime. Not only for Children, this puzzle can keep you mentally fit. It will improve your logic, reasoning and brain power and of course, math skills. Math games always play an important role in our life as it increases the brain power. Daily involving in math games surely results in a great brain power. And hence presenting you a math game Magic Triangle, that will surely blow your mind and keep you thinking.

How To Play :

- You have to arrange the given numbers on the sides of a triangle with the same number of integers on each side, called the order of the triangle, so that the
sum of integers on each side is a constant, the magic sum of the triangle.

- This game is available in
3 order triangle(3 numbers in each side of the triangle) and
4 order triangle(4 numbers in each side of the triangle) puzzles.

Magic Triangle Puzzle Game Features:
- High Quality designed all levels.
- Best user interactive.
- Compare your scores with your friends..

Magic Triangle Puzzle Game Functionality:

- Magic Triangle brain teasers or math puzzles is a fun and unique brain teaser math puzzle game.
- Math puzzles always sharpen our mind and increase the brain power.
- You can see an improvement in your thinking by regularly practicing this math puzzles of Magic Triangle.
- Magic Triangle Math puzzles are very useful to spend your time and train your brain.
- It exercises your brain and improves the logical thinking. Children and adults who love Maths will love this brain teaser puzzle called Magic Triangle.
- Magic Triangle is suitable title like brain teasers, math puzzles, math games, riddles or puzzle games.
- You will try to complete a puzzle in minimum time to get more stars. You can use the hints when you find difficult to solve the puzzle.
- There are plenty of levels to boost your brain power. And many more would be added soon to keep you going.
- you have to find that magic sum also to challenge your brain.

Have a good learning time with this educational Brain Puzzle game.

We are helping parents to their children with funny and happy way. Let us know your feedback and suggestions. it will help us to improve Game.

Contact us on “[email protected]” if you have any questions, ideas for improvements or experience any bugs when playing the game.

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