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About Euro to Icelandic Króna

Application to convert amounts in Euro and Icelandic Króna / EUR and ISK and see the chart of historical exchange rates.

For the converter, you just have to type the amount you want to convert and the result will be instantly displayed. You can select to convert amounts from Euro to Icelandic Króna - EUR to ISK and Icelandic Króna to Euro - ISK to EUR.

This application also allow you to see the chart with the historical exchange rates between Euro and Icelandic Króna . Rates variations from the last week and months will be displayed and the highest and lowest rates.
You can also custom the chart in order to see the historical for the last month, trimester, semester or year.

Internet is only required to get the last exchange rates and see the chart.

A perfect application if you want to travel in Europe or Iceland, for purchases and business between these countries or if you are working in financial as a trader for example.

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