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About Girl2Girl Wall

The Girl2Girl Wall App is a social platform for girls where you can ask questions, get advice, give advice and talk about anything and everything with your peers. The Wall is a perfect place from tweens to teens to make friends and be supportive and helpful to one another. Totally by girls, for girls!

No bullying, no identifiable info, all posts are screened by real people before to ensure safety. 100% COPPA compliant.

Sign in with your existing Miss O and Friends username or create a new account. *Make sure to use a valid email address so you can confirm your account!*

You start by entering a "Convo" or a "Chat."

A "convo" is basically a new thread, topic or question. A "chat" is basically a reply or answer.

When you join a group, convos in that group will show up on your feed. You can join as many groups as you want!

Check out the feed to see what other girls are talking about. You can scroll through the group to see all the latest convos.

Follow any convos that you are interested in and they will show up in your feed.

Share/text convos and chats with friends (off the app) who might find it helpful, funny or cool!

To make sure this stays a no-bullying place, convos and chats are moderated before they are posted on the app. If your convo is not posted, it's most likely because it was: mean, had bad language, indefinable info or inappropriate for the audience. You'll get notifications when anyone chats to your convo. We try our best to approve them as fast as possible!

Great way to get quick advice, helpful tips (Like what to wear to a school dance! Or birthday gift ideas! Or how to respond when the boy you like sends you a wink emoji).

It's all about girls helping girls- offering their opinions, suggestions and ideas! Totally by girls, for girls.

You can also connect with other girls who are passionate about world issues, animals, the environment, writing, sports, school, gaming, entrepreneurship and more.

Remember, it's anonymous (only username, first name, age and US State/ Country) so you really can feel free to ask those awkward/ embarrassing questions, vent about feeling left out, or gush about your latest crush.

Make friends with girls from all over the world!

And we promise- NO bullying, NO online creeps, it's 100% safe and secure. But still be mindful of what you post. If it's mean, threatening, hateful, has any identifiable info, it will not be posted.

We are not a therapy service, this is just girls helping other girls, talking about things and having fun. If you are having serious issues such as depression, thoughts of self-harm or suicide, sexual abuse, please seek professional help. Going to a guidance counselor at school, a teacher or adult you trust is a really great start. And remember, your life is worth living and there are people who care.

This app is geared for girls ages 8-15 so be mindful what you are posting. If it is inappropriate for this age group, it will not be posted. If you are older, definitely feel free to offer younger girls advice from your own experiences. It's a great place to be a mentor and empower other girls.

Join any/all of the following groups and start a convo!

- Advice
- Animals
- Beauty
- Birthdays
- Books
- Boys
- Celebs
- Cooking
- Coping
- Dance
- Health & Nutrition
- Entrepreneurs
- Fashion & Shopping
- Favorite Pop Song
- Favorite TV Shows
- Friends
- Games
- Girl Talk
- Girl of the Moment
- Got a Riddle?
- Holidays
- Hyperlinked Series
- International Girls
- Miss O Interns
- Movies
- Music
- Name That Tune
- No More Bullies
- Pen Pals
- Pets
- Quotes of the Day
- School
- Sports & Activities
- Story Telling
- Travel
- Trend Talk
- Video Gamers
- World Issues
- Writers

Lovely area to get advice from girls my age. Very accepting and kind!
This isa cool app
Alicia finlayson
Super good app for sharing!
Tabitha Bodger