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About kGoal

kGoal is a revolutionary new smart Kegel exercise trainer that provides tactile biofeedback, comfortable and fun workouts, and actionable data for improved fitness. The app is designed to work with the wearable kGoal device to guide and track your pelvic floor exercise.

cant connect to bluetooth
Tanya Dev Gupta
I had to fiddle but I've found that if I turn on the Kgoal device, pair it with my phone (in andriod Bluetooth settings), then I open the app (it must be completely closed at the end of your workout and reop...
Hayley Edwards
Я занимаюсь с тренажёром kGoal уже почти полгода. За это время занятия вошли у меня в приятную привычку, а результат стал заметен, при чем не только мне. Что касается конкретно приложение, у меня с ним не во...
Nensi Sterkhova