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About Instant Drag Racing

This is a world of unreal speed, adrenaline, and glory. World of cool race cars, drive, and skilled rivals. And there is only 1 rule: WIN NO MATTER WHAT!
Greet Real Car Racing – a newbie among our racing games! Race on the streets, compete in with racing rivals worldwide, and become the best drag racer of car games!

Features of our race car games:

🚦 80+ modern racing cars
- Tuning mode
- Styling mode
- Racing online with live people
- Various tournaments and competitions
- Drag race in different conditions
🚦 Realistic physics and mechanics

And more about this one of our race games:
Drive the best and famous race cars
We’ve collected a really huge set of cars of all global manufacturers in our drag games. Italy, Japan, German, France, etc presented their best models and now they are at your service!

Realistic 3D graphics
Everything in our racing car games is like in real life: mechanics, physics, every car detail, and sounds. We did everything for the complete immersion in the car racing games.

Tune your auto with the exclusive spares
To win a big prize in racing you need to spend some time on tuning. So, we prepared a special garage in our driving games, where you can improve your iron buddy with more than 500 various spares.

Compete with real rivals all around the world
Online racing games free are an ideal place to find out who the fastest player is! Choose your competitors manually or randomly, lift to the top of the rating and get cool trophies.

Use styling to create a car of your dreams
Our drag racing games give you a chance to become an auto designer and create an absolutely unique car! Change color, auto parts, wheels and everything else as you wish. The only limit is your imagination.

We will be glad if you rate our race car games for free in the store😉

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Instant Drag Racing?

Instant Drag Racing is a racing game where players can experience unreal speed, adrenaline, and glory. The objective is to win no matter what.

What are the features of the race car games?

The race car games offer over 80 modern racing cars, tuning and styling modes, online racing with live people, various tournaments and competitions, drag racing in different conditions, as well as realistic physics and mechanics.

Can I drive famous race cars in these games?

Yes, you can drive the best and famous race cars from global manufacturers. A wide range of cars from Italy, Japan, Germany, France, and more are available in the game.

How realistic are the graphics in the racing car games?

The racing car games boast realistic 3D graphics. Everything, including mechanics, physics, car details, and sounds, is designed to provide a lifelike experience.

Can I customize my car in the game?

Yes, you can tune your auto with exclusive spares in the game's special garage. There are over 500 various spares available to improve your car and increase your chances of winning.

Is it possible to compete with real rivals in the game?

Absolutely! The online racing games allow you to compete with real rivals from all around the world. You can choose your competitors manually or randomly, climb up the rating, and earn cool trophies.

Can I style and design my own car?

Yes, the drag racing games offer styling options that allow you to become an auto designer. You can change the color, auto parts, wheels, and everything else to create a unique car of your dreams. The only limit is your imagination.

How can I show my support for the race car games?

We would be glad if you rate our race car games for free in the store. Your feedback is valuable to us.
😎 cool
Hellen Wanjiru
Good gravity
Mcniell Fredricks
Many peoole like this game and most people give good comments of this game so it makes this game the best car game ever made so love the game and comments keeo it up guys 5 stars rated
Antionette Waries
Dolores rosier Non
Md Shaid
so far so good.. still thinking.
Cory Thompson