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About Fruit Juice Factory: Soft Drinks Bar

There is so hot outside🥵🥵, do you want to satisfy your thirst and re-energize your body🤤🤤 with some cold refreshing juices. Come on, join our fruit juice soft drinks shop to make different fruity drinks & feel chill. Open your juice corner shop and have some sweet drinks for this hot weather. There are different fruit juice bar flavors such as apple juice 🍎, strawberry soft drinks 🍓, mango cold drink🥭, orange fresh juice 🍊, peach fruity juice 🍑

Show your creativity skills to make cold drinks smoothies in your juice 🍷🍷 factory drinks bar. Go outside and gather the fresh fruits from the trees 🌳🌳 to satisfy your crazy thirst! Pack them into boxes and then deliver juice truck to your juice maker factory bar. Unload your fresh fruits and separate the leaves 🌿🍃 from them. 

Pick the fruit and wash them well to make your tasty 😋😋 soft fruit juice in your factory bar kitchen. Peel the fruits well, put the fresh fruit into the factory bar juicer machines to get the soft drinks smoothies into the container. Spread the smiles 😊 today – Blend a fruit juice soft drinks. Multiply the soft drinks maker factory fun 😍😍 with juice toppings, crumbs and sprinkles & enjoy!

Fill your fresh fruit juice into the soft drinks🥂 bottles, put the tag with the name of juice in & also put cold drink bottle cap 🍾🍾 with machine your fruity slush juice maker factory. Pack the bottles into the boxes 🗳️🗳️ and load fruit juice bottles from the factory bar on the delivery truck. Deliver 🚚🚚 the juice boxes to shop and set fruit juice bottles in the soft drinks racks in the smoothies shop!🙂

🍹 Huge range of Fruit Juice to choose from in this soft drinks bar factory.
🍹 Make a variety of smoothies with multiple collections of fruit in factory kitchen.
🍹 Blend your fruits with water to make different yummy flavors of fruit soft drinks.
🍹 Fun and tasteful soft drinks smoothies and fruit juice flavors are available in your juice corner factory shop like apple, peach, mango, strawberry, orange and many more!
🍹 Become a healthy through tasty fresh juice that you have prepared in fruit soft drinks bar factory.
🍹 Enjoy and drink fresh fruit juice & soft drinks  !!!!!!!
🍹 Beautifully designed graphics with animations for making delicious soft chill drinks and fruit juice smoothies in factory bar!


yada nar
I love this game.
Fudge Gibbs
Good game
Suresh Mudaliar
My litttle sister love it so much but she just started!
Natalia Kristina
Shashank Shashank
Nice game
Raghav Sondhi