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About elocance: Article, Newsletter, PDF reader app

elocance gives reading a voice by converting articles, documents and emails into audio. Listen to everything you would normally read using best-in-class text-to-speech technology to boost your daily productivity!

Listen while multitasking and be hands-free while consuming content. Let elocance read aloud to you and find out why it’s considered one of the best productivity apps.


Get started by downloading elocance. Then choose your voice preference and set reminders for when you'd like to listen. Create an account using your email. Now you’re ready to start listening to your content and to enjoy one of the best text-to-speech apps!

1) When you see a web article you want to save and listen to, use the share function to add it into elocance.

2) Add articles, a PDF (elocance also works as a PDF reader!) or Word documents from your desktop using our chrome extension which you can download from our website.

3) Forward your emails to [email protected] and they’ll magically appear in your elocance library.

4) Find your favorite daily and weekly newsletters already in the app! Just choose the ones you want to listen to and a selection from each will appear in your library each day. Boost your productivity on your way to work!


Save all your web articles, PDF, documents, local_news or free audio books in one place. Then turn them to audio thanks to elocance’s text-to-speech, to listen to them on-the-go. Make your reading list, an audible list!


The best newsletters on business, news, finance, start-ups and science can now be found directly in elocance and added to your library. Give your productivity a boost by listening instead of reading them on a screen!


Create playlists of all your favorite content and then listen to them. Choose articles or documents based on the length of your commute. Imagine becoming an expert in something on your way to work!


Choose between new and improved voices, powered by text-to-speech. Test them and change them depending on your mood, what you’re listening to and your productivity goals. You can also increase the speed of reading to read faster!


elocance is powered by multilingual text-to-speech. Add an article in any language and elocance will read it out loud to you. You can learn French, learn Spanish, learn Japanese or learn English.


Become an expert on all the topics you need to get ahead at work and in life. Great for busy professionals who want a productivity app, students who need a productivity boost, the visually impaired and dyslexics who are looking for a PDF reader or a simple text-to-speech app.



14-Day Free Trial - Download elocance and sign up for a free trial right away! Use it as a PDF reader, a document reader, or a simple text-to-speech app to listen to whatever you want.

Premium Monthly and Yearly Plans - After your 14-Day free trial, you will be converted to a monthly or yearly subscription where you will have access to all features.

Please note: if you opt out of the subscription plans after the 14 days, you still have access to elocance and can add (and listen to) one piece of content at a time only.
For more information, please visit


By using elocance, you are helping us continue to develop a service that we hope will change people’s lives by giving them back time. We are constantly trying to improve the app and it’s powerful text-to-speech engine to make it the best productivity app, so feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] with your thoughts, feedback or just to say hi.

For any technical issues regarding the app or the text-to-speech, please email [email protected]

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Great App! Works Really Well!
Julius Jones
andy ferguson
This is a great app - listen to docs pdf webpage articles - also has a not-so-tin-ny voice
Karen M.