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About My Seed Trays

My Seed Trays is a simple but powerful application that allows you to emulate seedlings of any size or number of holes and record in each of them what seeds you have planted and their corresponding valuable information, such as germination time and transplant time.

It has a simple interface that seeks agility in the process of creating your desired seedbed and register and save that you have planted in it.

If you like horticulture and you tend to plant vegetables, trees or any type of plant, this application could be very useful, since it will give you a simple and fast way to record the information you need to keep and not go crazy after finding out which plant is germinating in each place of your seedbed.

Awesome and must have app for all gardener. I would like to suggest to put tutorial or link to youtube to teach newbie on how to use this app. Keep it up a good work guys!!
Wolfz Dragonz
handy tool which is surprisingly effective for mixed trays
Tanner Johnson
Nice App!!!
wolfdragonz 11