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About Mindfield eSense - Biofeedback with eSense Sensors

Mindfield eSense Skin Response, eSense Temperature, eSense Pulse and eSense Respiration

Biofeedback with the eSense sensors!

You can buy four eSense sensors from our shop:

1. The eSense Skin Response to measure electro dermal activity or galvanic skin response (EDA, GSR).

The Mindfield eSense Skin Response is a small sensor to measure your skin conductance using the microphone input of your smartphone or tablet.
Your skin conductance depends on your state of relaxation or stress and is consequently a commonly used and precise stress indicator.
With the eSense Skin Response, you can precisely identify your stress level and reduce it with biofeedback training.
This app includes a comprehensive manual for training and many training possibilities.

2. The eSense Temperature:

The eSense Temperature is a small sensor for measuring your skin temperature with the microphone input of your smartphone or tablet.
Hand warming training is an especially effective and common biofeedback method. The temperature of our hands is connected to our stress level:
When we are stressed, we tend to have cold hands. Immediate feedback enables you to voluntarily increase the skin temperature in your fingers,
thus, increasing your peripheral blood circulation, leading to relaxation and stress reduction.

3. The eSense Pulse:

The Mindfield eSense Pulse is a precise 1-channel ECG chest belt sensor to measure your heart rate variability with your Android smartphone or tablet.
The connection is made via Bluetooth. The heartbeat is related to tension and relaxation and is a potential stress indicator.
The measurement of heart rate variability is a large field in cardiology, sports and coaching.
With the eSense Pulse, we focus on biofeedback training; i.e., improving heart rate variability to reduce your stress level.
To describe the current state and progress of the training, the eSense app also provides essential statistics and analyses of HRV.

4. The eSense Respiration:

The new eSense Respiration sensor measures breathing amplitude and frequency with a pressure sensor and flexible belt and, optionally with eSense Pulse sensor, heart rate variability. It provides a unique and rich biofeedback experience on your smartphone or tablet to learn or regain a healthy breathing pattern.


You need to buy an eSense sensor for this app, or you cannot measure anything. More information and our online shop can be found on our homepage: => Biofeedback => Products => eSense


- Breath pacer (adjust to your needs).
- Video feedback, music feedback, changing to your stress level, comes with included media or uses your own.
- You can save an unlimited number of sessions on your device in a new session archive. Every session can be reviewed and exported later.
- Each session can be exported as CSV (comma separated file).
- Tactile feedback: Let your smartphone vibrate, when the values from galvanic skin response or temperature change! Intensity can be adjusted.
- Tone feedback: You can choose between five instruments and define a range for measurement values. In between of this range the tones are modulated by its pitch according to rising or falling values. Now we also added a continuous sinus tone.
- Procedures: This feature incorporates training programs like guided relaxation, a stress test, defined biofeedback training, etc. into the app. Two demos are included, you can create as many procedures of your own, as you want.
- Control smart bulbs with Biofeedback! We integrated two solutions: a Bluetooth bulb and all Philips Hue products. You can control colour and brightness with your stress level.
- NEW: Optional (!) cloud functions such as backup and synchronization of measurements and procedures. Free eSense account and free, downloadable training programs.
- NEW: eSense Web App at

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Your Mindfield team!

I love this Biofeedback app with the eSense sensors! This is the most complex but easy to use Biofeedback app I have ever seen with so many new features since the last updates - the guys from Mindfield are d...
Roberta Lipari
Great app for biofeedback training on the go
Michael Ringlein
I've followed the evolution off this project. Great work MindField!
Adrian Van Deusen