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About COBIT 5 Trainer EN

COBIT 5 is a registered trademark of ISACA  

The COBIT5 Trainer helps you to prepare for the COBIT5 Foundation exam.                                                                                                                                                 
Information on the test exams:
1. You should try to answer all 50 questions.
2. There is only one correct answer per question.
3. In the foundation exam you have 40 minutes to complete.
4. Maximum score is 50. Minimum to pass is 25.

About this App:
A. At each start, the order of questions and answers are reshuffled.
B. Practice anywhere you want (offline)
C. Settings: Sound on/off, Reset high scores and progress.
D. After completion the question sets, you can especially go through the incorrectly answered questions again, as many times until you have answered all questions correctly.
E. You can interrupt the question sets at any time and continue later.
F. In this version you will find 3 sets with 50 questions each. In total you get 150 questions to practice for the foundation exam.

Copyright: © 2017 Thomas Hauck
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