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About Millionaire - GB - Quiz - 20K Current Question

Race now, know all the questions and become the GB Millionaire!

Welcome to the GB version of the most watched and known millionaire quiz all over the world. There are 12 questions in practice. In the competition, which is fully adapted to the reality, the questions arise in the order asked to the real contestants.

The simulator is more vivid and difficult in graphic design and operation.
Time pressure is available in all questions.

It is a game that everyone who solves intelligence tests and who is passionate about intelligence questions will follow the latest contests. Knowledge competition

We are here with a quiz filled with 20,000 questions, our large pool prepared by experts. IQ test is an intelligence game. General Culture Quiz.

Thousands of questions in economy, finance, health, diet, general culture and hundreds of categories! The strongest opponent of word war, Word hunt, Word game, word finder, hangman and Trivia games. Competition games are indispensable for knowledge and intelligence. Our game is also known as Millionaire. Don't drown among the new games, increase your knowledge and culture with the best of classic games. A word puzzle game useful for your numerical and verbal intelligence development.

Our word-millionaire game, which is one of the top places among time-consuming games, is enjoying the quiz at the summits with questions prepared by experts. General Culture competition.

Follow us for new free games and general culture quiz.

We would like to mention that;
The game has nothing to do with SonyPicturess or the original Who Millionaire contests. The game is only a quiz game. Icon, logo, music and graphics have nothing to do with the original competition.

Warning: The application (game) is prepared for entertainment purposes only. Under no circumstances will AWARD be given as GB, cash prize and any other gift. / No award!
The application is free of charge. It does not have a problem like the right to life limit.
Race as many times as you want.

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